What are the classifications of wigs? How to choose the wig that suits you?

Classification of wigs

Human hair: the most used in the market is China, India, Brazil, Europe,

China Hair: China Hair is the hair that produces most of the raw materials for wigs. China has a large population and relatively hard hair. It can be dyed after the acid treatment and can be decorated on the head. It is popular in the United States and Europe.

Indian hair: India has soft hair, does not straighten hair in China, has a small volume of waves, hair breaks easily after chemical treatment and plasticity is not strong.

European hair: European hair color is closer to the local consumer market. Currently, it is the most expensive raw material. Europe hair is soft, it is not suitable for bleaching and postprocessing and is used directly for hair transfer.

Chemical fiber: chemical fiber is a supplement for human hair. The chemical fiber is divided into low temperature cable, high temperature cable and protein cable.

Low temperature cable: low temperature cable used to fill a curtain of human hair. The low temperature cable can be maintained at 270 degrees without deformation. This cable is used to shape and reduce the cost of raw materials for human hair. The disadvantage of low temperature filaments is that they are flammable and form a bulge after combustion.

High temperature cable: The high temperature cable can be maintained without deforming below 270 degrees for the shape of the style.

Silk protein: it is the raw material closest to human hair. It is the closest to human hair. It is commonly used in high quality wig products to make fillings, and can be automatically flame retarded after burning. In many countries, the requirements of the product are clearly necessary, wig hair flame retardants, tragedies caused by wigs have occurred in many countries.

Look at the complexion and choose the wig that suits you best.

1 whitening: the white color of the skin is natural beauty, but if the color of the wig is not selected correctly, it will make it look unhealthy, remember that the reddish and soft color of light brown, light brown will make Your face she is ruddy and angry;

2 The yellowish-yellow skin color can use darker colors such as natural black and light brown, which will make the yellowish skin look whiter. Do not choose a yellow hair color, it will make the skin that is not good look even uglier;

3 natural skin color: this skin is the best, it looks healthy and bright, there is plenty of room to choose hair color, such as yellow, red brown, wine red, dark purple, deep brown, etc.

4 more black: the pigmentation of the skin is severe, it will make the skin look dull and opaque when looking at the skin, in the color of the hair to use a bit of natural black, dark orange, etc., it will make the face shine.