Frequent combing of hair may hurt even more

Many girls dream of having a healthy and healthy waist, and a long hair, so from shampoo to hair care there are almost five processes, but do you know that it is not necessary to take care of the hair? First, we must understand the needs of the hair to prescribe the correct medication, slowly complement the nutrition and combine the habits of life step by step, treat them with delicacy and patience, and we will certainly obtain good results.

Keep combing the hair
Most people make the mistake of combing their hair. Everyone says that combing hair often stimulates the scalp, and hair grows quickly, but the fact that excessive styling will cause the scalp to be pulled, which will cause damage to the scalp and hair in the long term. It is recommended to comb 10 to 12 times a day.

Feel free to comb your hair when it’s wet
When the hair is wet, it is easiest to knot. At this time, you should use professional hairdressing tools, which are hair clippers that stylists use to cut hair. This large comb can reduce hair damage, but also have antistatic effect, do not lift a comb to solve wet hair knotted!

Not moisturizing
Many girls think that people who are prone to oil on their scalp will use a lotion to make the oil worse. In fact, the hair conditioner is a way to strengthen hair protection and prevent hair damage. Oily scalp and oily hair can choose. A hairstyle product suitable for your own hair, and avoid the beginning of the skin.

Wrong hair circle
The hair ring is almost essential for all girls. It is also full of knowledge in the selection. The rubber hair ring will cause breakage and damage to the hair. The hair ring made of elastic cotton can prevent that damage.

Do not pay attention to cleaning the scalp
Although we are more and more aware of the importance of the scalp in hair health, there are still many people who do not clean it carefully. Deep cleaning and scalp massage not only stimulate hair growth, but also remove old dead skin cells from the scalp. Remember to wash your scalp and massage gently.

Do not give your hair time to rest
If you are going to clean your hair or hair gel every day, try to leave your hair two days a week, remember to clean it and sleep, to develop a healthy scalp and hair.