How to choose new hair care weapon essential oil

1. Consider the condition of the scalp

Fresh almonds, olives and avocado oils are called viscous products because they are relatively slow to absorb and are suitable for dry scalp. Conversely, a less viscous product, such as grapeseed oil, is quickly absorbed and is suitable for the oily scalp.

2. Consider the degree of hair damage

Our hair has a protective film on the surface and damaged hair absorbs oil more easily. Therefore, if the hair is damaged, it is not suitable for fatty products.

3. Consider the bias of hair quality.

For hair with less hair and easy to break, choose an oil for dry hair that has no light effect or little penetration. The dose must be controlled. If the hair is thick and thick, it is easy to dry and static, then choose a nutritious hair. Hair oil, the amount increases properly and, occasionally, the hair spray can be used together with the hair oil.

4. Different use of hair quality.

Sometimes, when using hair care, you should wash your hair, wipe it with a towel and clean the first coat. Once the hair is dry, apply it again. The oily scalp should avoid the top and roots of the hair and should only be applied to the tips of the hair to the tips. Essential oils for professional hair care can be used together to dye hair or perm, communicate with the hairdresser in advance and minimize the damage caused by hot dyeing.