How to choose new hair care weapon essential oil

1. Consider the condition of the scalp

Fresh almonds, olives and avocado oils are called viscous products because they are relatively slow to absorb and are suitable for dry scalp. Conversely, a less viscous product, such as grapeseed oil, is quickly absorbed and is suitable for the oily scalp.

2. Consider the degree of hair damage

Our hair has a protective film on the surface and damaged hair absorbs oil more easily. Therefore, if the hair is damaged, it is not suitable for fatty products.

3. Consider the bias of hair quality.

For hair with less hair and easy to break, choose an oil for dry hair that has no light effect or little penetration. The dose must be controlled. If the hair is thick and thick, it is easy to dry and static, then choose a nutritious hair. Hair oil, the amount increases properly and, occasionally, the hair spray can be used together with the hair oil.

4. Different use of hair quality.

Sometimes, when using hair care, you should wash your hair, wipe it with a towel and clean the first coat. Once the hair is dry, apply it again. The oily scalp should avoid the top and roots of the hair and should only be applied to the tips of the hair to the tips. Essential oils for professional hair care can be used together to dye hair or perm, communicate with the hairdresser in advance and minimize the damage caused by hot dyeing.

Frequent combing of hair may hurt even more

Many girls dream of having a healthy and healthy waist, and a long hair, so from shampoo to hair care there are almost five processes, but do you know that it is not necessary to take care of the hair? First, we must understand the needs of the hair to prescribe the correct medication, slowly complement the nutrition and combine the habits of life step by step, treat them with delicacy and patience, and we will certainly obtain good results.

Keep combing the hair
Most people make the mistake of combing their hair. Everyone says that combing hair often stimulates the scalp, and hair grows quickly, but the fact that excessive styling will cause the scalp to be pulled, which will cause damage to the scalp and hair in the long term. It is recommended to comb 10 to 12 times a day.

Feel free to comb your hair when it’s wet
When the hair is wet, it is easiest to knot. At this time, you should use professional hairdressing tools, which are hair clippers that stylists use to cut hair. This large comb can reduce hair damage, but also have antistatic effect, do not lift a comb to solve wet hair knotted!

Not moisturizing
Many girls think that people who are prone to oil on their scalp will use a lotion to make the oil worse. In fact, the hair conditioner is a way to strengthen hair protection and prevent hair damage. Oily scalp and oily hair can choose. A hairstyle product suitable for your own hair, and avoid the beginning of the skin.

Wrong hair circle
The hair ring is almost essential for all girls. It is also full of knowledge in the selection. The rubber hair ring will cause breakage and damage to the hair. The hair ring made of elastic cotton can prevent that damage.

Do not pay attention to cleaning the scalp
Although we are more and more aware of the importance of the scalp in hair health, there are still many people who do not clean it carefully. Deep cleaning and scalp massage not only stimulate hair growth, but also remove old dead skin cells from the scalp. Remember to wash your scalp and massage gently.

Do not give your hair time to rest
If you are going to clean your hair or hair gel every day, try to leave your hair two days a week, remember to clean it and sleep, to develop a healthy scalp and hair.

Guide On How To Have A Great Experience With Your Hair Wigs

If you love wearing wigs you want to have the best experience with them. You also want them to last for a long time. To help you out, here are tips on how to make it possible:

Buy the right wig

Everything should start here as there is no way you will have a great experience with a poor quality hair. For a great experience, invest in a high-quality wig that will last for a long time. While human hair is expensive, it’s the best option to go with as it will look good for long. It also tends to last for a long time.

Unless you are extremely strapped for cash, avoid synthetic hair as it doesn’t look good. It also doesn’t last for long. Before you part with your money, first, check the requirements on how to maintain the wig. Some wigs require a lot to maintain which can be too much for you.

In addition to the quality of the wig, also ensure that the hair is the right size and color. Many people get it wrong when it comes to color. If you aren’t sure of the right color to go with, ask a professional to help you out.

Take care of the wig

Once you have confirmed that the hair doesn’t require a lot to maintain and you have purchased it, you should take care of it for it to look good and also for it to last for a long time. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner. When making the purchase, avoid regular shampoos and conditioners as they will be too harsh for your wig especially if it’s made from synthetic hair.

When it comes to shining the hair, avoid using spray or shine spray. While it will shine the hair, it will do it for only a short while after which the hair will become too greasy and unmanageable.

For hygiene purposes, wash your hair regularly. The frequency at which you do it depends on how often you wear it. In addition to cleaning it, also condition it. As mentioned above, use the conditioner designed for hair wigs.


These are tips on how to have a great experience with your hair wig. Buy the right hair and do everything right to keep it in top shape and you will have a great experience. The cool thing is that there are plenty of online and offline guidelines on how to keep your hair in top shape.

Lace Wigs

The age of wearing wigs has evolved from its use in alternative solutions for hair loss and is now used to express daily fashion. The most common types of wigs come mainly from excessive wigs; It is known that this is static and uncomfortable. In recent years, the lace wigs originally used in theaters have been well received by celebrities and ordinary consumers to meet various needs. One of the main reasons why lace wigs are increasingly popular is because they offer versatility, comfort and undetectable to the naked eye.

However, wearing lace wigs is an art, and people should be familiar with the basic steps to apply them successfully and safely. If you are considering buying a lace wig, but are not familiar with the application of lace wigs, here are some simple steps to start.

First make sure that the surface of the head is flat and that the wig is completely clean. At the same time, the hands, forehead and neck should also be clean; use 99% alcohol to clean these areas.

It’s time to prepare your lace wig, it’s very simple. You only need to use a large hair clip to pull the back of the lace wig. Then use another or two tweezers to pull the baby’s hair back. After that, take a pair of scissors and start cutting the lace to design the hairline.

Use a skin cream to protect the skin and strengthen the adhesive. Then apply a thin layer of adhesive along the hairline to make it completely dry. Repeat 2-4 times to obtain a medium strength resistance. Once all the layers are dry and sticky, start placing the laces on the top of the head. However, be very careful to roll the hairline back so that it does not fall on your head. From the center of the forehead, move the lace wig from side to side. The final area that combines the lace wig will be your neck and neck.

Then simply place the lace wig in the area where the adhesive is applied. Start from the center to the sides and repeat the same steps for the back. The wig is pressed against the skin using a rat tail comb to heal the joint.

Once you have finished wearing the lace wig on your head, brush the baby’s hair, place it in a bun and use a satin lace scarf to wrap your head for 3-8 hours. This will balance the wig and improve retention.

Removing the lace wig is not as laborious as using it. Several layers of adhesive remover are applied or sprayed to begin the process. Wait a few minutes, then repeat until it goes out of your head. If you have any difficulty in removing the adhesive residue on the wig, you can simply use the mirror to slide the residue out of the perimeter of the lace wig. Finally, when you remove the lace wigs and the residue from the head and wig, the next step is to clean the oil, dirt and chemicals from the cords. Make sure to wash it carefully to avoid messing up your hair.


All About Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

This popular wig has many buyers. Women with alopecia (hair loss) and other patients receiving chemotherapy will wear lace front wig.

The advantages of the lace front wig

This type of lace wig looks very realistic and is made of a delicate lace material with an original look. Not only that, but it also has a natural character, but also presents an elegant appearance. The hair in this wig usually looks as if it grew out of the scalp and is distributed evenly. Some manufacturers are now trying to make the wigs in front of their laces cheaper so that the women who really need it can afford it.

When these wigs are used in the right way, it gives a natural look. That’s why it’s important for consumers to understand that different designs are important for wigs in the natural hair line and that they can also adhere to the tip of the hair.

The lace hair wigs on the front are usually worn in a way that allows you to design your hair in a natural way. The high quality lace front wigs are made of human hair, either handmade or factory. However, the lace wigs that are produced in the factory are the ones that consumers buy the most. It is expensive and of high quality. Nobody will regret losing your money.

Lace wig selection process

When choosing your lace wig, you should consider how to make your hair. Since most wigs are factory-made, their lace front wigs are made of Indian Remy hair. This wig can be exactly the same direction in which the hair grows and looks very real. Although industrial manufacturing is widespread in today’s market, handmade wigs are more realistic in appearance.

In general, this false discovery is considered a secret beauty product. Many websites advertise beautiful wigs, colored wigs and long wigs to promote beautiful African-American wigs. Some people will give discount prices just to drive avid customers. Even the famous hairdressers are designing their own lace front wigs.

What are the classifications of wigs? How to choose the wig that suits you?

Classification of wigs

Human hair: the most used in the market is China, India, Brazil, Europe,

China Hair: China Hair is the hair that produces most of the raw materials for wigs. China has a large population and relatively hard hair. It can be dyed after the acid treatment and can be decorated on the head. It is popular in the United States and Europe.

Indian hair: India has soft hair, does not straighten hair in China, has a small volume of waves, hair breaks easily after chemical treatment and plasticity is not strong.

European hair: European hair color is closer to the local consumer market. Currently, it is the most expensive raw material. Europe hair is soft, it is not suitable for bleaching and postprocessing and is used directly for hair transfer.

Chemical fiber: chemical fiber is a supplement for human hair. The chemical fiber is divided into low temperature cable, high temperature cable and protein cable.

Low temperature cable: low temperature cable used to fill a curtain of human hair. The low temperature cable can be maintained at 270 degrees without deformation. This cable is used to shape and reduce the cost of raw materials for human hair. The disadvantage of low temperature filaments is that they are flammable and form a bulge after combustion.

High temperature cable: The high temperature cable can be maintained without deforming below 270 degrees for the shape of the style.

Silk protein: it is the raw material closest to human hair. It is the closest to human hair. It is commonly used in high quality wig products to make fillings, and can be automatically flame retarded after burning. In many countries, the requirements of the product are clearly necessary, wig hair flame retardants, tragedies caused by wigs have occurred in many countries.

Look at the complexion and choose the wig that suits you best.

1 whitening: the white color of the skin is natural beauty, but if the color of the wig is not selected correctly, it will make it look unhealthy, remember that the reddish and soft color of light brown, light brown will make Your face she is ruddy and angry;

2 The yellowish-yellow skin color can use darker colors such as natural black and light brown, which will make the yellowish skin look whiter. Do not choose a yellow hair color, it will make the skin that is not good look even uglier;

3 natural skin color: this skin is the best, it looks healthy and bright, there is plenty of room to choose hair color, such as yellow, red brown, wine red, dark purple, deep brown, etc.

4 more black: the pigmentation of the skin is severe, it will make the skin look dull and opaque when looking at the skin, in the color of the hair to use a bit of natural black, dark orange, etc., it will make the face shine.